When you need property management in Kirkland, Seattle, Bellevue or anywhere else in the Puget Sound area, contact Davis Property Management. We provide the best property management services at the lowest prices, guaranteed. Here is a snapshot of what we can do for you.

Property Analysis

Proper management means using several processes to learn everything about a property, from how it looks to ways to generate more income from it.

Auditing – When first taking on a property, DPM implements a comprehensive audit of the site. This process reveals required repairs and maintenance issues, ways of enhancing the building’s appearance, inside and out, and investigates ways to improve property operations and layout. Our audits provide us with a clear picture of how to increase revenues as well as the property’s value.

Improvements and Repairs – Attracting and retaining great tenants while increasing the value of a property requires skillful and effective repair services as well as the expertise to recognize issues before they turn into problems. Repair and maintenance goes beyond the interior of a building. DPM takes into consideration common areas, exterior spaces and parking facilities when factoring improvement or repair needs. We use a network of highly skilled service providers for major projects, all of whom charge us a discounted rate, and we pass the savings onto you.

Market Rent Analysis – Determining the right rental price is a huge part of successfully marketing a property. We look for comparable properties throughout the area and consider those numbers in the context of our real estate know-how. DPM understands the need to factor in many property variables such as the accessibility of secure parking, building amenities, location desirability and even the availability of storage space. The figure we arrive at always factors in the latest market trends as well as generating revenue.

Site Analysis – Consistent monitoring of a property and its systems is the key to staving off large, expensive repairs and renovations, as well as helping property values appreciate. Onsite managers play a huge part in the process and DPM offsite management services work with them to catch and remedy problems as soon as they appear, before they morph into costly, protracted repair projects, which can lead to dissatisfied tenants and empty units.

Opportunities for Improved Revenues – DPM works to make your investment properties earn more for you. Our experience in the property management industry means we easily recognize where a reasonable investment of money can result in improved earnings. We keep a tight leash on rental payments, including late payment fees and extra charges for additional property features such as parking or storage. We also recognize when a unit’s rental price is too low, and help you get what you deserve for a property.

Property Reports – Keeping our clients fully informed of everything happening with their property is the hallmark of quality services from David Property Management. We maintain open lines of communication, and believe in careful documentation that ensures complete follow-through on client concern. We prepare and send out regular customized reports describing and itemizing everything they need to know about their property’s condition and function, as well as the money it brings in.

Marketing Services

Making money from a rental property requires bringing in the right tenants, so we use our entire skill set to prepare your property and market it for quick leasing.

Marketing Surveys and Plans – Getting a sense of the property enables us to finely tune and target our marketing. Davis Property Management considers all factors that affect marketing results, including locations, demographics, a detailed property analysis and changes in the local market trends. We synthesize all this into a marketing campaign that brings in highly qualified applicants interested in renting your property, using print, online, and onsite advertising.

Property Marketing Services – DPM prides itself on its effective, efficient and proven marketing program. Bringing together everything we know about a property, and considering peak rental periods, we create and deliver a message that catches the attention of potential renters. We then advertise through various platforms, including online real estate websites (MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, etc.), The Davis Property management website, onsite, and print advertising.

Tenant Screening Services – DPM helps you ensure the best tenants available occupy your building by including complete tenant screenings at no extra charge. Our vetting process is fast and accurate, and is fully accredited leading to a more responsible group of tenants causing fewer headaches for the owner. Screenings include investigation of credit histories, criminal background checks and past rentals. The result is better property maintenance, on time rent payments and increased long-term value appreciation.

Lease Services – When potential applicants contact us about a property, the DPM management team quickly provides them with accurate information in a friendly, professional manner. Additionally, our company website provides a wealth of information on available properties as well as our tenant services. We also handle property showings and guide individuals through the application process.

Property Management

Onsite Management Services – DPM’s onsite managers are professionals with the expertise to work with tenants as well as oversee maintenance and other issues. Our onsite managers excel at communicating with tenants to ensure prompt response to complaints and requests for repairs. They facilitate a lower tenant turnover rate as well as superior attention to maintenance and repair needs that increase the value of a property.

Offsite Management Services – For owners who need management services, but do not require one of our onsite managers, Davis Property Management offers complete services provided by our offsite management team. They monitor financial and legal issues that arise from rental buildings, referring them, as needed, to licensed professionals. Our team makes sure everyone, from owners to managers, and even tenants as needed, knows about what is going on with the property.

Maintenance – Davis Property Management promises a response to any and all repair and maintenance requests within the 24-hour period following receipt of the notice. Using only the finest service providers in the area means things are fixed correctly the first time. We even save you money by passing on any discounts our network of services providers offer us.

Rent Collection – Recognizing that different methods better suit certain individuals, we offer several rent payment options, including an onsite lockbox option and online payment portal for tenants. Most importantly, we provide you, the owner with choices for receiving income. Whether by check or direct deposit to a bank account of your choice, we get your money to you promptly.

Should a rent delinquency arise, DPM handles it, including properly posting required notices. Should it be required, we also keep you up-to-date on the filing and activities in any court cases resulting from rent issues.

Bill Payment – Bills are a necessary component of proper property management. Davis Property Management pays your bills promptly and provides a detailed organized listing of payment details. Working with you, we will review your expenditures to identify avenues for reducing costs for repairs, utilities and professional fees.