Eric Davis



Eric Davis, President and Founder of Davis Property Management, has over ten years of professional experience in the real estate industry and serves as a trusted business advisors to commercial firms and private investors. Eric can effectively manage properties on behalf of property owners and works with them to increase the profitability of their investments while also developing trustworthy, open relationships.

Eric is highly skilled in dealing with the day-to-day on-site operations, as well as, the complex business transactions that involve professional contractors, company employees, and tenants. As President of Davis Property Management, he is committed to the continuous development of his real estate knowledge via ongoing professional education to help Davis Property Management to continue to grow as the leading property management company in Davis Property Management.


Before he founded Davis Property Management, Eric was a broker with Kidder Mathews, one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the Pacific Northwest. There, he conducted over $170 million in commercial real estate transactions.