Dustin G. Moran

Executive Broker


Dustin has five years of experience in the real estate industry and two years of experience in property management with Davis Property Management. With an extensive professional background and highly developed communication, listening and multi-tasking skills, Dustin excels at delivering integrity and knowledge to property owners. His diligence and mastery of property management have enabled him to deliver superior service. He can assist with day-to-day duties, as well as, the important conversions with property owners. Dustin strongly believes in honesty in all dealings and creating a clear line of communication with every owner. He has purchased and sold properties both for himself and for clients.

Community Involvement:

Dustin is highly involved with his community and his church and enjoys volunteering his time to those in need. He enjoys sports and is a volunteer coach to teams in the Lake Washington Select program.


Before Dustin began his career with Davis Property Management, he worked in the construction and bartending industries while pursuing a college degree. Thanks to his experiences in these industries, Dustin has gained the communicative aptitude to successful manage property owner and tenant concerns. Dustin is a father and husband and enjoys spending time with his family.