Vacancies and Application

Davis Property Management’s Application Requirements

  • Above average FICO score
  • Total household income of at least 3 times total monthly rental amount
  • No major credit issue, including collections
  • No past evictions
  • Positive referral from previous landlord
  • Applicants who credit score is frozen may be denied due to an unverifiable credit report. Applicants should request any credit score freeze or hold to be lifted removed prior to the application process to insure DPM is able to fully review their application.
  • Before you begin: By submitting the application you are agreeing to your application being screened immediately. In the situation where your application is not first in line, we will not screen your application till the applications prior to you are not approved. For refunds of application fees submitted that were not screened, please email [email protected] with full name and what property you applied for. DPM will not refund application fees who are denied, fail to respond, or change their mind to not sign a lease.
  • If your application meets our tenant criteria for the property, we will contact you by phone or email, after which you will have 48 hours to respond to confirm interest in finalizing and signing the lease. If you do not respond during that time, DPM will presume you are no longer interested in the unit and we will move onto the next applicant who meets our criteria. DPM reserves the right to deviate from these procedures as allowed by law.

Tenant Application

Notice: All adult applications (18 years or older) must complete a separate application for rental.