How Davis Property Management Saves Owners Money

  • 8% of rent per month with no hidden fees.
  • 60% leasing fee that is half of the industry standard that managers charge.

Slide to match your estimated monthly rent to see your savings:

$3,000 per month in rental income

Features Competitors Davis Property Management
Leasing Fee 100%Of first month rent 60%Of first month rent
Mark up on repairs 10% 0%
Monthly Mgmt Fee 10%Of gross monthly rent 8%Of gross monthly rent
Total cost per year $6,600 $4,380
Savings ▶︎ $2,220

Pricing may vary depending on property

Davis Property Management combines professional services with proactive management to make renting a home a profitable experience.

Whether you own several properties in Bellevue or need property management for a single home in Kirkland, we make your investment work for you. We keep you updated with as much information as you desire while we handle your property management needs from finding the perfect tenant – to maintenance to – tenant issues.

Increase Profits and Decrease Expenses with Davis Property Management

At Davis Property Management, we implement superior marketing strategies that work for you while promoting long-term tenancies. We can help you maximize your residential rental profits in the Eastside market by handling:

  • Accounting services
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Individualized client services
  • Outstanding marketing

Davis Property Management provides the best services at the lowest prices. That means your profits increase while your expenses decrease.

  • Leasing fee – sixty percent of a month’s rent (versus a full months’ rent charged by competitors)
  • Annual management fee – eight percent of yearly rental income (most competitors charge 10 percent)

We supply the leading property management services available in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville and throughout the Seattle region, at the best prices.

Explore our Solutions


Marketing & Leasing

We have the tools you need to make more money from your residential property.

  • Market Surveys
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Sales Campaign
  • Tenant Screening


Property Analysis

Increasing income and value requires careful property evaluation.

  • Continuous Site Analysis
  • Market Rent Trends
  • Auditing
  • Property Reports
  • Improvements


Property Management

DPM maximizes rental values with daily attention to details.

  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Accounting
  • Rent Collection

The Comprehensive Davis Property Management Process

What exactly do we do that makes our property management the best? From small items to major projects, we address all points of caring for and marketing a property.

Step One: Market Research

Our market rental analysis goes beyond just the dwelling itself. In addition to recognizing and responding to market trends, we factor in a slew of considerations including:

  • Parking spaces
  • Location
  • Storage space
  • Dwelling type
  • Required maintenance
  • Pet provisions

Our process prepares properties to attain qualified tenants paying optimal monthly rents.

Step Two: Site Analysis

Continuous property inspections avert major maintenance issues in the future. It also plays a huge part in getting the maximum rental value. Covering everything from required updates to minor cosmetic issues, we work in partnership with our clients, creating a strategy to present a property in its best light. We tailor a plan of action that meets the needs, budget and desires of each client.

Step Three: Marketing

In addition to our business website, we use various online marketing tools, including real estate websites and social media. We funnel prospective renters to dedicated pages on the DPM site that provide all they need (description, location, size, layout and cost) to decide if the rental opportunity is right for them.

Step Four: Tenant Screening

After our team responds to inquiries and handles property showings, we undertake a thorough professional screening process of potential renters that takes into account:

  • Credit ratings
  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment history
  • Rental history
  • Personal references

Comprehensive tenant screening means creates a low-turnover tenant base with a lower risk of financial and legal issues.

Step Five: Rents

An effective, streamlined rent paying process is the capstone to Davis Property Management services. Recognizing that different methods better suit certain individuals, we offer several rent payment options, including an online payment portal. Most importantly, we provide you, the owner with choices for receiving income. Whether by check or direct deposit to a bank account of your choice, we get your money to you promptly.

Should a rent delinquency arise, DPM handles it, including properly posting required notices. Should it be required, we also keep you up-to-date on the filing and activities in any court cases resulting from rent issues.

Step Six: Tenant Move-ins and Move-outs

Our goal is providing you with long-term tenants. However, when renters arrive and leave, we have a well-honed procedure that handles the transition. It starts with our Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Form, which we individually customize for every property. A DPM team member completes a thorough inspection of the property with the incoming or outgoing tenant, noting damages that may affect security deposits. Additionally, we undertake regular property inspections to monitor tenants’ care of the property and assess preventive maintenance needs.

Step Seven: Maintenance and Repairs

DPM works with you to create a maintenance policy that works for you and your property’s value and always ensures a prompt response to all maintenance requests and issues. Davis Property Management maintenance services include:

  • Access to our pool of experienced maintenance and repair providers
  • Evaluation of the scope of issues and the attention required
  • Provision of landscaping services, when required
  • A 24/7 year-round maintenance hotline

Should your property require remodeling, DPM can also guide you to the best service providers as well as help you determine the best remodeling options.

Choose Davis Property Management for Your Residential Property

Davis Property Management goes all-out to meet and exceed industry best practices. In residential real estate management that means we help you find tenants, maintain properties, meet legal guidelines and turn a profit, all while maintaining proper records and dealing with tenants in a professional manner.

Together, we can maximize your income and increase your property’s value. Contact us today to learn all we offer.