What sets Davis Property Management apart from other property management companies?

Our experience and expertise delivers increased revenues and property values to you. We are a recognized leader in Puget Sound property management because we developed methods for managing all types of properties that paid off for our clients. We know the market and we know about effective marketing. We understand property ownership and collaborate with you to manage yours into high yielding assets. We’ll help you increase revenues by keeping your property rented at the highest rates. And, we keep costs down with budget-savvy maintenance. We do it all at the most reasonable prices available. Moreover, our services are so comprehensive, you may just find yourself with a little more free time to enjoy life!

What will it cost for Davis Property Management to manage my property?

It will always cost you less.
We guarantee that you will not find lower property management rates elsewhere in the Puget Sound region.

What goes into determining the amount of rent to ask for a property?

Experience. We’ve been managing properties in the greater Puget Sound region for decades, so we know this market inside and out. Combining our marketing expertise as well as our comprehensive knowledge of property management issues enables us to ascertain the right amount of rent to charge for a property. Our record of finding qualified tenants to fill empty properties while obtaining great rental income for our clients proves we know what we are doing.

How selective is Davis Property Management when reviewing and accepting tenant applications?

A poorly vetted tenant can lead to major problems down the road. From property damage to lost rents to legal fees, dealing with a bad renter is a nightmare. We want our clients sleeping soundly at night, with no worries about the state of their properties.

We ourselves also want to avoid the headaches and hassles of dealing with irresponsible renters. That is why we carefully screen all applicants, looking into credit history, work history, past rental history, criminal records, as well as obtaining references and verifying submitted information. Our comprehensive vetting process is part of our services, and does not cost you anything extra.

Does Davis Property Management help with legal documents for leasing our property?

Davis Property Management offers leases and related documents that meet or exceed industry standards. We cannot offer you legal advice, however. Nonetheless, every year, we have our lawyers review them to ensure they comply with all laws and regulations on the federal, state and local levels. Our documents are designed to safeguard you and your properties.

Can Davis Property Management make repairs to my property?

Absolutely. Davis Property Management has its own maintenance team that skillfully handles many routine repairs and maintenance jobs. Additionally, we work with a network of repair businesses to take care of major projects. Just as we create working partnerships with our clients, our repair network works with us, always supplying the utmost in quality work quickly and efficiently at discounted rates. That translates into high quality, low price maintenance and repairs that preserve the quality and increase the value of your property.

How does Davis Property Management market vacancies?

We analyze the right target demographic and determine both the types of marketing that best suits them as well as right message to bring a pool of well-qualified potential renters. We achieve amazing results, usually filling vacancies within seven days. Best of all, you pay nothing extra for this service.

Does Davis Property Management charge a leasing fee for renting a unit at a smaller property with no on-site manager?

We structure a management plan to suit your needs and your budget. Check out our rates; you will see that Davis Property Management provides more services for less money than any other management company in the Puget Sound region does. So, if you expect a leasing fee equal to a month’s rent, you’ll find our rates very attractive. Call us and find out how little quality property management costs.

Will I work with a direct contact responsible for managing my property?

We believe in building a working partnership with our clients, and one of the most important components of such a partnership is communication. The Davis Property Management team is available to help you with every aspect of managing your property, at any time, day or night. You will always work with someone from our team, including our president, Eric Davis. We even furnish phone numbers to call in the event of an emergency.

Can Davis Property Management collect rent and security deposits, and serve notices and evictions?

Davis Property Management offers complete and comprehensive service. We provide walk-through inspection services at move-in and move-out times. We collect security deposits at the time of signing a new lease and then deposit them into a trust account. We offer tenants several options for rent payments, and provide direct deposit services to owners. Should any rent issues arise, everything we do complies with federal, state and local laws and regulations. From late payment to eviction notices, we always keep you in the loop.