The Importance of Quality Online Photos

Posted on June 20, 2017

The old saying that a, “picture is worth a thousand words,” is particularly pointed when it comes to the world of real estate and property rental. People will look at a picture of a property and often know if it is for them or not. Just as importantly, a failure to have images, especially good and accurate pictures, often means that a prospective resident will pass up your property in favor of a property that does provide them. People want to see photos of properties before they are willing to get in their car and drive to your location. Simply stated, great pictures are a key aspect of our marketing campaigns and not having those pictures will put your property at a distinctive competitive disadvantage.

First Step A Professional Photographer?

Having a professional photographer is an investment that will return dividends. It is important to remember that many photographers actually specialize in taking real estate photos and have impressive portfolios. Much like an actor getting a headshot to put his or her “best foot forward,” the same holds true for your property. You should invest in a professional photographer so that your property can put its best foot forward! Davis Property Management of Eastside can handle that step easily, Our Broker Todd even has done professional wedding photography and knows the correct angles and lighting in shooting your property.

Photography professionals have techniques for ensuring that your rooms look as large as possible and that any minor flaws are minimized. They will also know how to emphasize the various details that prospective tenants will find inviting. When property managers try to take photos on their own, they often end up with issues such as poor lighting, lopsided images or even accidentally making properties seem smaller than they are in real life. If you feel confident in your photography skills, make sure you avoid these issues and also make sure you invest in a camera that is at least 5 megapixels.

The Pinterest and Social Media Connection

Many are surprised to learn that those who are looking for apartments will often consult Pinterest first. This is in fact a smart move on their part. If you want to attract the very best residents, then you’ll want to consider having professional pictures taken of your property. In fact, you’ll want photos that are of high enough quality that they can be “pinned” on Pinterest, as this is an essentially free and potentially very effective form of marketing.

For examples of how enticing apartment buildings can look on Pinterest, visit this link:

When you place photos on your website, you might want to consider adding a “pin it” button so that others can share your photo. Also, consider other social sharing tools to your photos so that your property images can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Remember that even if a person isn’t a prospective resident, he or she may know someone that is a prospective resident.

Maximizing social media and incorporating photos is a very low cost way to get more out of your marketing. It also helps you make the most out of the professional photos that you’ve taken.

What Happens Without Quality Photos?

In the end, there is no choice but to have great photos of your property on your website and throughout your social media profiles. The reason is that if you don’t have excellent photos, you can be sure that your competition will have them in spades. That factor puts you at a considerable competitive disadvantage. Yet, there is another factor to not having quality photos on your website. Without great photos, you are not maximizing what your property has to offer.

Bothell is a popular city that has been experiencing a high level of growth. With the costs of properties going up, more and more people are looking to rent. It is your responsibility to provide great photos so you can attract the best tenants in the region.