We Can Winterize Your Properties

Posted on June 20, 2017

Warm residents are happy residents. When residents are too hot or too cold, management can expect to encounter complaints from frustrated tenants. After all, residents that are too hot or too cold can’t think about much else and they will likely blame you as the owner for their discomfort. One of the key areas that management has to maintain is the heating and cooling situation of properties.

A simple truth is that Washington state can get colder than many realize. Statistics show that Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland areas gets approximately 4.2 inches of snow per year which is far less than the national average, but you never know when things may get more extreme. This page gives a great overview of weather in the whole state.

As a property owner, you need to prepare your properties for both hot and cold weather, as our region receives their fair share of both. No doubt, it is our job as agents for you to make sure that your residents are warm enough in the winter and can travel safely to and from their home.

Is All Your Equipment Ready to Go?

Preparing for the extremes of winter means having the right equipment and involves ensuring that all your equipment has been serviced and is running properly. A prime example of the importance of having the right equipment is making sure that you have the equipment you need to remove snow. The last thing you want is to run into a situation where you need to handle a sudden snowfall and discover that your snow blower or other equipment is on the fritz.

Of course, Washington gets more than its fair amount of rain. Keeping gutters clean is a must not only due to rainfall but also due to melting snow. Unlike many other climates, keeping your gutters clean is essential year-round.

Does Your Property Have Optimal Insulation?

Another key area for winterizing your property is insulation. Insulation is very unique in that insulation, unlike many other property improvements, can begin paying dividends as soon as it is installed. Whether it is the heart of the winter or summer, insulation saves your residents on their heating and cooling bills. Just as importantly, proper insulation means less wear and tear on your tenant’s heating units. This is something our maintenance people can help with.

Insulating areas around windows and doors is a very inexpensive step to take, but one that shows that you want your residents to stay toasty all winter long. Weather stripping can work wonders for drafty doors and put a smile on the faces of your residents.

Inspecting Your Property for Winter Safety

Part of the responsibility of property management is making sure that your residents are not harmed. One area of winter safety that is frequently overlooked is in the area of trees. Ice and snow build up can cause tree branches to snap and fall; this, of course, represents a significant hazard to the safety of your residents and your property. By regularly inspecting trees for potential weaknesses, you are safeguarding your residents, your property and avoiding costly repair bills.

Inspecting your property’s roof is another area of winterization that is frequently overlooked. However, the last thing you, or your residents, want is to have a leaking roof in the middle of winter as snow melts. Inspecting your property’s roof before winter comes is a prudent move.

Problems caused by cold weather can prompt otherwise happy residents to consider looking at other housing options. Many of the best steps in property winterization are easy and inexpensive, yet they show that you care about your property and your residents. A little preparation can and will go a long way when it comes to winterizing.