Is Your Rental Family Friendly?

Posted on December 28, 2016

It comes as no surprise that many prospective renters are specifically looking for a property that is ideal for families. In fact, residents seeking family friendly properties represent a sizable portion of the market, and that means you don’t want to miss out on adding or retaining these tenants. Here are a few easy to implement ideas that will help you add and retain those looking for a family friendly property.

Location, Location, Location And Why It Matters

We push successful family friendly rental marketing campaigns all over washingtonwith a focus on property safety and schools. If there are good schools in your area or close proximity to schools with good rankings, we make sure to feature that. We use this also as a selling point on website, social media sites, print marketing materials and any other way we reach out to potential residents.

One nice resource to check out to see the rankings of schools is GreatSchools. When you enter in your Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Bothell and other Eastide property zip code, it will give you details about the schools around you.

Parents want their children to live near quality schools and have access to safe parks and children’s attractions. If your property is in Bellevue, that means it is certainly near many locations that appeal to parents so be sure to emphasize this fact. In addition to all the beautiful parks in the area, parents love CrossRoads Bellevue and KidsQuest Children’s Museum. Plus, your tenants will benefit from close proximity to all the activities throughout Seattle.

There is No Replacement for Safety

Safety always matters a great deal to parents. You should opt for safe interior spaces, as this will help you attract residents with and without children alike. Some easy family friendly steps you can take are to opt for furnishings that are free of chemicals and flame retardants, which have been proven to be very harmful to human health and do little to actually slow fires.

Likewise, opt for low VOC paints, which are very inexpensive and are manufactured by several major paint manufacturers, and look for low VOC carpets. Making these people and kid friendly choices may cost a little more but you will gain a very valuable marketing chip. Emphasizing that you have opted for low VOC choices shows that you care about your tenants and again serves as a valuable marketing tool.

Playrooms and Safe Outdoor Spaces

Parents also love playrooms and safe outdoor spaces. The time, effort and money that you invest in creating these spaces is well-worth it. In part, this is true because these areas also show potential residents without children that you are detail oriented and care about the well-being of your residents.

Also, a properly designed outdoor space is one in which parents can also sit and talk and this helps foster a sense of community. Playrooms and outdoor spaces and play spaces are not expensive to maintain and will be seen as a positive for many years to come. In short, playrooms and outdoor spaces are a savvy and worthwhile move.

Family Friendly Often Means Pet Friendly

More people have pets than ever before. Most people consider them a family member. Having amenities for pets represents another savvy investment in attracting and retaining residents. Pet amenities range from outside food and water areas to even a designated outdoor pet area, which is particularly handy for pet owners needing to walk their dogs on a cold and rainy day. Some managers have even gone so far as to add a dog washing station.

Ultimately, you don’t want to miss out on residents that are seeking family friendly properties. Most of the changes needed to ensure that your property is a family friendly one are modest, but they pay dividends for