Improving Your Resident’s Level of Satisfaction

Posted on December 28, 2016

The simple fact is that any steps you take to keep your residents happy can be considered an investment in your happiness as well. The reasons why you want to ensure your residents are satisfied should be obvious. Benefits include the fact that they will complain less, demand less of your time and will likely treat your property with more respect. If that is not enough, they will likely even refer you to friends and family members seeking a great place to live. Now, let’s turn our attention to some of the best ways to improve the satisfaction levels of your residents and, in the process, keep your vacancy rates as low as possible.

Tip One-Plan Fun Community Events

The bottom line is that fun events are important for boosting resident satisfaction levels. Even throwing simple parties encouraging residents to meet and interact is savvy move. Resident events show that management is attempting to offer something of value to their community.

Consider having holiday events, block parties with food, drinks and music and even picnics. The investment to reward ratio of such events can be very high! In addition, events can help make sure guests get to know one another, and this factor decreases the chances that they will move.

Tip Two- Make Life Easier for Tenants

Studies show that tenants place a high level of importance on customer service. Customer service “dos” include making it easy for residents to pay online, and that you have an easy and streamlined way for residents to submit feedback. These “small touches” show that our management team is on the ball.

Tip Three-Stay On Top of Maintenance Issues

We never ignore maintenance issues. When you ignore maintenance issues you are, in fact, encouraging residents to leave for greener pastures. It really is that simple. If you want quality residents, then you have to quickly tend to any maintenance issues that arise. Respond quickly and in a professional and friendly fashion to any maintenance request, even those that come from chronic complainers. We have the best people in the industry and we take pride in that!

We Focus On Liability So You Don’t Have To

In recent years, stories of negligent property management companies have certainly made the news. One reason that this is the case is that investors have bought, in some cases, tens of thousands of homes that were foreclosed upon. This rush for investors to rent out homes led to mismanagement on an epic level. The end result was tenants receiving subpar customer service and that often they were even living in unsafe surroundings.

These kinds of stories tend to cast a negative light on property management companies everywhere. It’s our job to reverse any negative expectations and only offer tenants the best level of service and care.

Together these tips can help you as an owner know what we do to keep Tenants happy and, in turn, your vacancy rates low. There may be considerable competition for the best residents, but by implementing the tools we stay steps ahead of the competition!