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Turnkey Management Services That Increase Revenue And Value

At Davis Property Management, we offer the best turnkey management for all types of properties in the Puget Sound area. Whether you own an apartment, residential building, or commercial property, we provide the property management services you need. We provide expert services for Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Everett, Tacoma, Redmond as well as other nearby areas, we know the region and we know the business.

Why use a property management service?

  • Higher quality tenants through efficient and effective screening
  • Expert handling of rent and deposit collection as well as expense payments
  • Professional monitoring of legal concerns
  • Property auditing for continual improvement
  • Precise attention to lease terms and dates

Our marketing expertise decreases vacancy rates, which means increased profits. We spent decades developing highly efficient practices while establishing a strong reputation throughout the greater Puget Sound area. Every day, we strive to maintain lasting partnerships with each and every client as we work with them to move toward their investment property objectives, always keeping them apprised of their property’s status.

True Turnkey Service

For investment property success, you need only “turn the key” and we take it from there, handling all aspects of property management, from rent to maintenance.

What sets us apart from all the others?

  • Top-notch maintenance services that resolve small problems before they become big issues
  • Established ties with quality mechanical and appliance service providers, resulting in considerable discounts for major repairs
  • The knowledge and experience to list and rent your property at the highest rates
  • A proven record of promptly leasing all property types
  • The latest property management technology available

We offer all this, and more, at the lowest fees – GUARANTEED!

We understand that great property management goes beyond just numbers and figures. We treat every client as our only client, providing outstanding services by our in-house staff. Every client receives the personalized attention they deserve regardless of the number of properties under our care.

We provide the highest quality services, which help you save money while your properties earn money. Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients love our services. Check out what they have to say about Davis Property Management. If you want to learn more about all we offer to our clients, call us. You’ll be amazed at the breadth of personalized services we offer as well as how much money you can save.

    Free Management Consultation

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    Davis Property Management
    “Industry leader in offering affordable property management”

    On-Site Property Management Services

    Our onsite property managers prove their worth every day, acting as a liaison between tenants and owners and providing approachable, knowledgeable and hands-on services including:

    • Enforcing property rules
    • Resolving complaints
    • Monitoring and documenting concerns

    Our onsite managers maintain a quality living environment while always attending to maintenance and inspection issues to prevent deterioration.

    Offsite Management Services — We handle all your offsite needs, coordinating with you and/or your onsite manager to make your property is as profitable as possible, including handle the finances involved in owning a property. We even help you ensure your property is up to code and complies with housing regulations.

    Maintenance Services — Proper maintenance is vital to property value appreciation and retaining tenants, but why deal with the 2 a.m. phone calls about leaky faucets or broken HVAC systems? We maintain long-standing relationships with certified, experienced maintenance providers so that the job is done right the first time and we guarantee a response to a maintenance request within 24 hours.

    Financial Services — We offer several options for the collection of rent, including onsite lock boxes and online payment portals, always keeping you aware of any rent delinquencies. We also provide bill payment services using specialized software that ensures your obligations are paid in full, on time.

    Property Analysis

    The foundation of attaining the best rental rate and tenants is through a careful property analysis. Our comprehensive analyses encompass several steps:

    • A Property Audit that reveals areas for improvement both inside and outside the structure to enhance the property’s visual appeal and its functionality
    • Property Improvements undertaken by experienced craftsmen that increase value while factoring long-term maintenance
    • A Rent Analysis factoring in fair market rents using extensive comparisons to similar properties as well as constant monitoring of the market and identifying peak rental months for starting and ending unit leases
    • Ongoing Site Analysis to identify and address potential maintenance problems for lower long-term costs and increased property values
    • Monthly Audited Property Reports detailing income and expenses

    Davis Property Management works with you to identify and implement ways to increase your income and the value of your property.

    Marketing Matters

    Marketing is an art, and we know how to create a masterpiece. It starts with a plan that assesses the best marketing tools available to identify and connect with great potential tenants. We combine our knowledge of market trends and location with our thorough analysis of the property and transform all this information into an effective campaign using various tools, including:

    • MLS
    • Trulia
    • Zillow
    • Craigslist
    • The Davis Property Management company website
    • On-site advertising

    Our management team handles property showings. The result is a professional presentation to potential tenants providing them with easy access to property information as well as application methods.

    The final step in securing the right tenant involves a careful screening process, including:

    • Criminal records
    • Rental history
    • Credit history

    All this work pays off when a well-qualified tenant signs a lease and begins paying rent through one of our payment options.

    DPM can market up to 83 websites on the Internet to get maximum exposure. Some websites that work directly with DPM and your property include:

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    • “Davis Property Management, thank you for a job well done. Everyone has exceeded my expectations with each of our rental properties. It’s very hard to find a property management company that handles BOTH the daily managing and leasing while also advising me on my investment portfolio. They were able to achieve optimal market rents, complete unit and building renovations at a low cost, and assist with any legal issues. The team at Davis Property Management goes above and beyond with full service.”

      -Mr. John Ludwick, Property Owner

    • “Eric Davis is one of the most reliable business associates I know. I have been in real estate over the last twenty-five years, and through my countless encounters with him, have found he is honest, trustworthy and always present to help when needed. It is crucial in the world of management and real estate to have a property manager who you know will take care of your buildings and homes just as you would yourself. With Eric, he will surpass your expectations because of his knowledge and years of practical experience. I recommend him and his team to everyone. He won't disappoint you.”

      -Ms. Fay Besharat, Real Estate Broker

    • “Over the past 5 years, I have watched Davis Property Management grow due to their solid business practices. I’m pleased that despite their growth the customer services has remained as excellent as ever.”

      -Mr. Sonjay Rostami, Property Owner

    • “Davis Property Management is a company that is 100% trustworthy. In today's world, where there are numerous options for every decision, it matters most if you can trust them. Davis Property Management manages all aspects required of my rental property; and even more impressive, corrects any missteps along the way.”

      -Mr. Ryan Rourke, Property Owner

    • “Always one to do things myself, I spent 5 years managing my own properties till I finally gave Davis Property Management the opportunity to show me what they can do with their expertise. And I would never look back! They handle all of the day-to-day details of managing my properties in the most efficient and cost effective manner. I no longer have to deal with tenants and my tenants are receiving a more professional level of service. Not to mention their network of maintenance staff, vendor supply is top-notch. I would never go back to managing my properties again… just wish I could get those 5 years back!”

      -Mr. Tan Nguyen, Property Owner

    • “I had the pleasure of working directly with Eric for five years. Eric is an extremely knowledgeable and a trustworthy professional. Over the past years, Davis Property Management has been thorough and committed to providing the best service they can provide. I have come to rely on Davis Property Managements considerable knowledge and depth of experience to resolve difficult issues. I envision and look forward to continuing to do business with Eric for a very long time.”

      -Mr. Marty Leith, Investment Director & Apartment Owner, ARA a Newmark Company

    • “Eric Davis is a very knowledgeable and personable individual who is easy to work with. Because he is younger, he is very up to speed with the property management industry and the rental market. I deal with many properties in the greater Seattle area and he is my go-to person when it comes to management. Davis Property Management is a great company to work with; they have great ethics and they know what they are doing.”

      -Mr. Corey Crain, Owner

    • “I am so glad I rented through this property management company. I love where I live! I feel so well taken care by the staff and my maintenance is always kept up (thanks Alex!). I would recommend them to anyone.”

      -Mr. Jose Salvez, Tenant

    • “Eric Davis has managed my King County properties for a number of years. His professionalism and knowledge is above reproach. He has a great relationship with his employees and their working relationship makes for a great working machine. As an apartment building owner, I am very pleased with my decision of employing Davis Property Management. Eric and his team's attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and communication with their clients is outstanding.”

      -Mr. Bob Close, Property Owner

    • “Renting through Davis Property Management has been nothing but a great experience! I love the ease of the online portal for payments and maintenance requests. On top of that, I feel like a valued part of my apartment community. I love being treated like a real person and not like a number in line or a profit potential. Highly recommend.”

      -Ms. Suzanne Olbert, Tenant

    • “Davis Property Management and Mr. Davis have generated profits for me. They have lowered expenses at my apartments and aggressively and successfully increased rents. They are definitely one of the lowest priced management companies in the greater Seattle area.”

      -Mr. Paul Silver, Property Owner

    • “Being new to the Seattle area, I was astounded at how competitive the rental market was! When I came across a property under Davis Property Management, I was put at ease as they handled the viewing, application process and move-in with such ease. I felt tended to and with courtesy! I would highly recommend this company to anyone new to the area!”

      -Mrs. Alisha Jenkins, Tenant

    • “As a New York based real estate investor, I rely on Davis Property Managements local knowledge and expertise. Davis Property Management has great contacts in the Seattle market and an ability to handle all of the demands of asset management. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to manage their properties.”

      -Mr. Aaron Lazovik, Real Estate Investor

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