Laurel Black

Office Manager


Laurel has more than 8 years of experience in accounting and office management. Her skill set includes both quantitative and qualitative abilities with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. As a former Accountant and Office Manager with several other organizations, Laurel excels in finding ways to increase profitability while lowering costs through the regular audits and managing the accounts receivable and accounts payable. Eric has assisted Laurel in becoming successful at Davis Property Management with comprehensive electronic and physical record keeping for all property owners.


Prior to her current role as an office manager with Davis Property Management, Laurel worked in both accounting and real estate for the entirety of her career. Her experiences as a former staff accountant at a real estate marketing company, an accountant manager with a mortgage brokerage, a public tax accountant with a leading Bellevue firm to prepare returns for both individuals and corporations, and as a bookkeeper for a housing cooperative have made Laurel an essential asset to the team.